General Information For Undergraduate Students

The Major in Mexican American Studies

The general goal of the curriculum is to provide a core course of study in contemporary Mexican American public policy issues, and to train students in the use of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Students can further develop their areas of emphasis from two thematic strands: Social History & Cultural Studies and Social Justice & Applied Public Policy

Why Major in Mexican American Studies?

Invest in your future! 

A major in Mexican American Studies provides insight into government and public policy, minority health disparities, urban planning, the study of law and immigration, international studies, educational leadership, language learning programs, and more that accommodate the nation's fastest growing demographic. 

Majoring in Mexican American Studies also aligns you with history as you gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for growth, prosperity, and achievement that this population will have in the coming years. The economic power of this population is well established, influencing how companies do business and advertise products. A background in Mexican American Studies will be desirable for financial institutions as they strengthen relations with this community.  

Current U.S. demographic trends show that Mexican-Americans are notably present outside of the Southwest, in the Midwest's industrial cities and urban areas, and in the nation’s southern states. Many of these communities are in need of people who are knowledgeable about the challenges and trajectories of Mexican Americans. With this population’s boom, MAS majors will be in key positions to inform, to decide, to direct, and to be part of the future.​

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