Renato Rosaldo Lecture Series Monograph

VOLUMES 1 - 10

Volume 10

Latinos and the New Immigration: Mainstreaming and Polarization Richard Griswold Del Castillo

Beyond Machismo, La Familia, and Ladies Auxiliaries: A Historiography of Mexican-Origin Women's Participation in Voluntary Associations and Politics in the United States, 1870-1990 Cynthia Orozco

El Rescate de un Camarografo: Las Imagenes Perdidas de Eustasio Montoya Fernando del Moral González

Volume 9

Democracy, Modernization and Change in Mexico Rodolfo Stavenhagen

Sexismo y Racismo en el Marco de los Estudios de la Mujer Elena Urrutia

La Utopia Indocumentada: La Cultura Mexicana de los Noventas Carlos Monsiváis

Volume 8

Story Structure in Latino Films Mario Barrera

Presidarias y Pobladoras: The Journey North and Life in Frontier California Antonia I. Castañeda

Forming the Debate: The Present Interprets the Past Rodolfo F. Acuña

Volume 7

From Local Tradition to International Phenomenon: La Bamba Louis M. Holscher, Celestino Fernández, and Laura L. Cummings

In Pursuit of Ethnic Audiences: The Media and Latinos Virginia Escalante

The Alianza Hispano Americana in Arizona and New Mexico: The Development and Maintenance of a Multifunctional Ethnic Organization Olivia Arrieta

Volume 6

Grappling With Difference: Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity in Contemporary Chicana/o Literature Chuck Tatum

The Magnitude of and Reasons for Chicago's Hispanic Dropout Problem: A Case Study of Two Public High Schools Charles Kyle

Bilingual Interactions in a Formal Setting: A Pilot Study of Hispanic Employees of the City of Tucson Roseann Dueñas González

Volume 5

The Celluloid Frontier: The U.S.- Mexico Border In Contemporary Cinema, 1970-1988 David R. Maciel

The Interplay of Familism and Patriarchy on Employment Among Chicana and Mexicana Women Denise A. Segura

Dynamics Behind the Formation of a Business Class: Tucson's Hispanic Business Elite David L. Torres

Volume 4

In Search of History: Carlos E. Castañeda and the Mexican American Generation Mario T. Garcia

The Interaction of Age and Gender in Chicana Older Lives: A Case Study of Chicana Elderly in a Senior Citizen Center Elisa "Linda" Facio

Race And Class In A Southwestern City: The Mexican Community Of Tucson, 1854-1941 Thomas E. Sheridan

Current And Future Long-Term Care Needs Of Mexican American Elderly In Arizona Rumaldo Z. Juarez

Volume 3

La Pluralidad Etnica y La Nación Mexicana Salomón Nahmad Sitton

Contemporary Myths in Chicano Joke Tradition José R. Reyna

Latinos and the "New Immigration": Responses From the Mexican American Community Christine Marie Sierra

Reality and Goal Orientation: A Model for Educational Research on Mexican Americans Norma G. Hernández

Volume 2 (Out of Print)

When Natives Talk Back: Chicano Anthropology Since the Late Sixties Renato Rosaldo, Jr.

Observaciones Sobre la Literatura Fronteriza Miguel Méndez

Chicanos and Mexicans Under Surveillance: 1940-1980 José Angel Gutiérrez

La Llorona, the Third Legend of Greater Mexico: Cultural Symbols, Women and the Political Unconscious José Limón

Volume 1 (Out of Print)

La Asociación Hispano-Americana de Madres y Esposas: Tucson's Mexican American Women in World War II Christine Marín

Obreras y Madres: Labor Activism Among Mexican Women and Its Impact on the Family Vicki Ruiz

Shipwrecked in the Desert: A Short History of the Adventures and Struggles for Survival of the Mexican Sisters of the House of the Providence in Douglas, Arizona, During Their First Twenty-Two Years in Existence (1927-1949) Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith.

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