United We Win: The Rise and Fall of La Raza Unida Party

From: American Historical Review, October 1992

"This book by Ignacio M. García is the first comprehensive overview of the origins, process, and ultimate demise of the party, although certain specialized scholarship on aspects, personalities, and periods of La Raza Unida have appeared previously. Based on extensive primary sources and secondary works, interviews with major participants, and García's personal insights, this impressive study combines a narrative style with strong analysis. García effectively explains the factors that led to La Raza Unida Party's victories as well as those that marked its downfall.

"García recounts the political maturing of a Chicano generation, the rise Chicano nationalism, and a successful attempt at Chicano empowerment. Equally impressive are his explanations of the major shortcomings and mistakes of the party, such as the political inexperience of its leadership, the sectarian views of certain party officials, the ideological divisions of the party, and the lack of a solid community base of support. In addition, García offers extensive evidence of the harsh responses of the established political machineries of the Republican and Democratic parties toward La Raza Unida."

--David Maciel
University of New Mexico


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