For Current Students

Students in our Master's of Science program are officially housed under the Graduate College although your work will be evaluated, analyzed and guided by the faculty of the Mexican American Studies Department.

The Graduate College sets certain minimum and essential requirements for completion of the graduate degree. Students are responsible in satisfying these requirements as well as the requirements of the Mexican American Studies Department. It is recommended that students consult their Advisors and receive approval before advancing to the next step toward their degree(s).

Upon completion of the Masters of Science degree, you will have demonstrated:

►Critical Analysis and Research Skills: Demonstrate skills in critical analysis of research literature, and design and conduct original research, in the field and across relevant disciplines.
Social Justice: Apply Mexican American studies theories to think critically about social justice in the context of Mexican American/Mexican origin communities.
►Hemispheric Perspective: Contextualize the experiences of Mexican Americans within a broader hemispheric perspective from pre-Columbian to contemporary.


The minimum requirement of the M.S. program is 33 units. 18 units of the required units are enrollment in MAS courses. Any alteration, substitution or changes to the requirements need to be in consultation with your major advisor. Other courses for the M.S. degree should also be chosen in consultation with your advisor. See detailed outline on M.S. Program Overview page.

What you will need to complete: Course Work: 18 units | Elective: 9 units | Thesis or Elective units: 6 units

Per policies set by the Graduate College, students in the M.S. program have 6 years to complete all degree and Graduate College Requirements. If a student needs more time, the student can submit a Program Extension Petition


All of the forms required will be submitted online through GradPath which will be routed for approval through the department, your advisor and the Graduate College.

Navigate to GradPath:
To access GradPath, the student will need to go to the UAccess page > Advising > GradPath > GradPath Forms. Contact the MAS Degree Counselor for GradPath Support: Hayley Kral |

The Responsible Conduct of Research Statement is submitted on GradPath. The form will need to be submitted in order to continue on to the other forms. 

Students in the M.S. program must complete a "Master's Plan of Study" form by the end of the first year in consultation with their Major Advisor. The form is submitted on GradPath.

Students can also use this template to outline your plan to discuss with your advisor before filling out the form on GradPath. You can also visit the FAQs page on the Graduate College page. 

Students who are writing a thesis, the student will need to report the thesis committee on this form. Students will need to enter the Thesis Title and the three committee members who will be evaluating the Thesis. 

Students who are choosing to the Oral presentation option, the student will enter the three committee members on the form. 

The student will start the form by submitting it and will move on to the committee members to confirm a successful completion.