MAS Graduate Research Funding


Graduate student funds are available to UA graduate students pursuing a degree in the Department of Mexican American Studies (the Master’s degree, the Dual M.S.-M.P.H. Program, and the Doctoral degree).  The money itself can be used for Research Expenses (Travel expenses or for materials needed for research as well as membership dues to scholastic journals or associations), travel reimbursements to attend or participate in conferences (preference will be given to those presenting at conferences over those attending).   

AWARDS AVAILABLE                                          APPLICATION DEADLINES

Master’s Level: up to $500                      FALL: September 30th

Doctoral Level: up to $1000                    SPRING: March 20th 

Instructions to Apply: Submit one application per conference if applying for funding for multiple conferences.  You may request funds above your limit, however, you must make a good case as to why you need additional funds and how they will be used.  If the additional funds are approved and will be used to attend professional development trainings, conferences, or fieldwork, you will be required (A) to submit a paper (no longer than 5 pages) that summarizes what you did and what you learned; OR (B) to present in front of your peers about what you did and learned.  For option (B), you would be required to make arrangements to give this presentation within two weeks of your return.

Deadlines: No applications will be accepted late under any circumstance.  Be aware that the budget submitted and the allocation given will be final.  If granted an allocation to cover 100% of the estimated budget, but the actual expenses are above the budgeted amount, then it is the responsibility of the student to cover the difference.  Please remember that if you are traveling you MUST submit a travel authorization prior to incurring any expense and prior to your departure.  No expenses will be reimbursed if no travel authorizations have been submitted prior departure.  For information about per diem allowed, pre-travel policies and reimbursement policies please visit our website as well as  Per diem depends on city and dates of visit, by FSO policy we cannot award more per diem than the one stated in their website whose link is in our website.

Disbursement: All awards will be disbursed thru the University Bursar’s office.  It is the awardee’s responsibility to have a $0 balance in their bursar’s account.  If the awardee has a negative balance in their bursar’s account, the system will use your award to pay that negative balance and you will therefore be unable to access your funds so it is important your Bursar’s account is at zero.  If you have linked your bursar’s account with direct deposit, then the award will be deposited directly to your bank account linked to your Bursar’s account, otherwise you will receive a check by mail.

Number of Awards: Graduate Students are allocated a $5,000 commitment each year, allowing for a maximum of $2,500 per semester.  Number of awards will depend on budgets submitted and may vary each application period.


  • Things that cannot be charged or reimbursed are:
    • (1) Food (Food, Snacks, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic food)
    • (2) Third party reimbursements (per FSO Policy)
    • (3) Does not allow honorarium for non-US Citizens
    • (4) Technology (Ipads, Laptops, TVs, Video Cameras, Photographic Cameras)


  1. ONE (1) copy of the application (including the instructions page)
  2. ONE (1) copy of the following materials:
    1. Summary (up to two pages) of what the funds will be used for
    2. In your summary, please state how this is related to your program of study
    3. A list of departmental events you have participated in or attended
    4. Budget of projected expenses
    5. List of your other sources of funding


  1. Event name, location, dates, and purpose


The Application Review Committee will be a combination of the following:

  • MAS Core Faculty Members
  • MAS Affiliate Faculty Member


  1. The preferred method of application is via email: submit a Word or PDF version of your application, before the established the deadline to:

File Attachments: