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Student Advising for Majors and Minors

The MAS Major (30 Units Total)

The general goal of the curriculum is to provide a core course of study in contemporary Mexican American public policy issues, and to train students in the use of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Students can further develop their areas of emphasis from two thematic strands: Social History & Cultural Studies and Social Justice & Applied Public Policy.

Thirty (30) units are required for the major: 9 units from three required courses; 21 units from the seven elective courses

    I. Required Core Courses

    MAS 265 Culture, Community and Identity (Fall, Spring) 

    MAS 317 Latin American Immigration and the Remaking of the US (Fall only)

    MAS 498 Senior Capstone (Spring of Senior year)

    II. Seven MAS Elective Courses (21 units) from the following:

Elective Courses

    MAS 201 Introduction to Chicana/Latina Studies

    MAS 280 Chicano/a Psychology

    MAS 296d Contemporary Issues in Social Justive Leadership 

    MAS 307 Chicana Feminism: History, Theory and Practice

    MAS 319 Mexican American Culture

    MAS 330 Minority Groups and American Politics

    MAS 343 History of the Mexican American

    MAS 350 The Chicano Movement

    MAS 358 U.S. Third World Feminism: Theory, History and Practice

    MAS 365 Latinos and Latinas: Emerging Contemporary Issues

    MAS 392e Social Justice Leadership and Research

    MAS 393 Internship

    MAS 405 Traditional Indian Medicine: Health, Healing and Well Being

    MAS 410 Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health

    MAS 425 Latino Health Disparities

    MAS 435 (formerly listed as MAS 430) Mexican Traditional Medicine: An Overview of Indigenous Curing Cultures

    MAS 467 Race and Ethnic Relations

    MAS 470 Feminization of Migration: Global Perspectives

    MAS 475a The Education of Latinos/as

    MAS 485 Mexicana/Chicana Women's History

    MAS 495A Special Topics in Mexican American Studies


The MAS Minor (18 Units Total)

The minor in MAS has a total of 18 units: 9 units from three required courses, and 9 elective MAS units.
(A supportive minor in Mexican American Studies to augment areas or majors is encouraged.)

I. Required Core Courses

    MAS 265 Overview of Mexican American Studies (Fall, Spring) 

    MAS 317 Latin American Immigration and the Remaking of the US (Fall only)

    MAS 498 Senior Capstone (Spring of Senior year)

II. Three MAS Elective Courses (9 units).

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