All graduate students in a Mexican American Studies program will be evaluated by MAS faculty and also by the Graduate College. The Graduate College has set minimum and essential requirements need for the completion of graduate degrees which are embedded into the MAS M.S. degree requirements. 


The M.S. in Mexican American studies requires 33 units:Banner linked to GradApp, Apply to MS Program

Course Work: 18 Units
MAS 508 The Mexican American: Cultural Perspectives (3)
MAS 509 Mexican Immigration (3) Spring
MAS 525 Latino Health Disparities (3)
MAS 566 Decolonial Chicana Theory (3)
MAS 580a Advanced Research Methods on Latinos (3) S
MAS Course based on student's specialization

Elective: 9 Units
see elective course option in MAS HandbookLook for courses taught by MAS core faculty, affiliated faculty and courses offered in the following departments:

Anthropology                                            Political Science 
College of Public Health                           Psychology
Gender and Women's Studies                 Sociology 
History                                                      Spanish and Portuguese 
Language, Reading, and Cultures           Teacher and Teacher Education

Choose Thesis or Oral Examination 
Students have the option of choosing to 1) write a Thesis paper or 2) present three (3) 15-paged papers written in MAS courses in an Oral Presentation to MAS Committee.

+ If the student has chosen the Thesis Option, the student will need to register in six (6) MAS 910  Thesis units
+ If the student has chosen the Oral Examination Option, the student will need to register in 6 elective units 

See more information in the MAS Handbook - for the M.S. Program