Mexican American Studies Graduate Program

Master of Science in Mexican American Studies
The MAS Master of Science curriculum is a dynamic course of study that has been developed to advance the understanding of the large Mexican American and Latino populations in the United States. Three strands of coursework are available: Latina/o Health and Wellness; Historical and Cultural Studies; and Critical Education and Migration Studies.

The concentration in Latina/o Health and Wellness prepares students to conduct culturally competent health research, and to develop health programs targeting Latinos. The Historical and Cultural Studies strand offers a concentration dealing with contemporary scholarship, theory, and methodology in anthropology, history, and popular culture. The concentration in Critical Education and Migration Studies provides students with the qualitative and quantitative background necessary to both understand and implement policies aimed at Mexican Americans and the communities they live in.

This program provides subject and research competency on Mexican Americans as well as applied skills for working professionals and graduate students interested in better serving the Mexican American population of the Southwest. Thirty-three (33) units are required for the MS in Mexican American Studies: a minimum of 18 core units, 9 elective units, and 6 thesis or oral examination units. Students must select one option from the three strands available in the MS program. After consulting with a faculty adviser, graduate students must select nine (9) elective units from one of the three strands.

Dual Degree Program: MS/MPH

The Department of Mexican American Studies and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health have formed a partnership that allows eligible students to complete both their Masters in Public Health (MPH) and their M.S. degrees in 3 years and 64 units.  Students interested in the dual degree must meet application criteria for each program.

PhD in Mexican American Studies

The PhD program in Mexican American Studies (MAS) is an interdisciplinary research degree.  An individualized plan of study allows students to develop their own specialization in Mexican American Studies by integrating areas such as Indigenous, Cultural, Gender, Education, Immigration, Health, Historical, and Comparative Ethnic Studies.

Ph.D. Program Requirements

A minimum of 66 units are required for completion of the Ph.D. in Mexican American Studies. All required units of credit must be at the graduate level at the University of Arizona or at an accredited institution in consultation with the Major Advisor, MAS academic coordinator and the Director of Graduate Studies.

The department encourages students to collaborate with other academic units within the University to explore relevant theories, knowledge and perspectives based on their specialized field of scholarly inquiry and research.  These aforementioned departmental requirements allow students a wide breath choices and independence in completing their degree requirements.


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