M.S. in Mexican American Studies



The Mexican American Studies M.S. curriculum is a dynamic course of study that has been developed to advance the understanding of the large Mexican American and Latino populations in the United States. Three strands of coursework are available: Latina/o Health and Wellness; Historical and Cultural Studies; and Critical Education & Migration Studies. The Master of Science in MAS is designed to be an applied degree; thirty-three units of credit are required for completion.

►The concentration in Latina/o Health and Wellness prepares students to conduct culturally competent health research, and to develop health programs targeting Latinos.
►The Historical and Cultural Studies strand offers a concentration dealing with contemporary scholarship, theory, and methodology in anthropology, history, and popular culture.
►The concentration in Critical Education and Migration Studies provides students with the qualitative and quantitative background necessary to both understand and implement policies aimed at Mexican Americans and the communities they live in.


The M.S. in Mexican American studies requires 33 units: Banner linked to GradApp, Apply to MS Program

Course Work: 18 Units
MAS 508 The Mexican American: Cultural Perspectives (3)
MAS 509 Mexican Immigration (3) Spring
MAS 525 Latino Health Disparities (3)
MAS 566 Decolonial Chicana Theory (3)
MAS 580a Advanced Research Methods on Latinos (3) S
MAS Course based on student's specialization

Elective: 9 Units
see elective course option in MAS Handbook

Choose Thesis or Oral Examination 
Students have the option of choosing to 1) write a Thesis paper or 2) present three (3) 15-paged papers written in MAS courses in an Oral Presentation to MAS Committee.

+ If the student is going the Thesis Option, will need to register in six (6) MAS 910  Thesis units
+ If the student is going with the Oral Examination Option, will need to register in 6 elective units 

See more information in the MAS Handbook - for the M.S. Program



  • The priority deadline for Fall semester is January 15th (for domestic and international applicants). However, we also do rolling admissions for this program. Therefor, the final application dealine for Fall is April 15th and September 15th for Spring applicants.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 in the last two years of undergraduate work (last 60 units) is the minimum requirement for admission to our program.
  • Statement of Intent: (single-spaced, two-to-three pages) This statement should include professional plans, statement of interest in the M.S. program, and background in Mexican American Studies
  • Writing Sample: A 10-20 page scholarly paper that demonstrates your mastery of the subject and a clear, cogent writing style.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation, preferably from former professors or professionals directly acquainted with your work and scholarship.
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume.
  • One Unofficial Transcript from each college you have attended.
  • GRE Scores: Optional. As of Fall 2021, we as a department have decided to waive the GRE scores as a requirment.
The department application is available through the Graduate College Application: http://grad.arizona.edu/admissions/apply-now
You will be asked to upload some items listed above to the online application.

All other materials should be mailed to:

Michelle Tellez, Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
Department of Mexican American Studies
Cesar E. Chavez Building, #23; Room 228
P.O. Box 210023
Tucson, AZ. 85721-0023

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