Dual Degree Program: MS/MPH

MAS MS/MPH Information Sheet 

Stephanie Morales, graduate from the MAS/Public Health Dual Program

-Mexican american Studies Requirements (33 units total)-

The Department of Mexican American Studies and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health have formed a partnership that allows eligible students to complete both their Masters in Public Health (MPH) and their M.S. degrees in three years and 65 units.  Students interested in the dual degree must meet application criteria for each program. 

Core Courses (21 Units)

MAS 508 The Mexican American: Cultural Perspectives (3) Fall
MAS 509 Mexican Immigration (3) Spring
MAS 525 Latino Health Disparities (3) F
MAS 566 Decolonial Chicana Theory (3) F
MAS 580a Advanced Research Methods on Latinos (3) S
MAS 535 Mexican Traditional Medicine or MAS 505 Traditional Indian Medicine
MAS Course based on student's specialization

Electives Courses (6 Units)

Thesis of Examination Option (6 Units)

Thesis Option: MAS 910   Thesis (3-3) (Fall, Spring, & Summer)
Examination Option: 6 elective units 

-Masters of Public Health Requiremts (minimum of 42 units)-

Core Courses (16 units)

EPID 573A        Basic Principles of Epidemiology (3)

PHPM 574       Public Health Policy and Management (3)

EHS 575           Environmental and Occupational Health (3)

BIOS 576A       Biostatistics for Public Health (3)

HPS 577           Sociocultural and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3)

PHP 580           Integrated Public Health Learning Experience (1)

                        Internship Preparation Workshop (required; non-credit)

Internship       (3-5 units)

909 *               Master’s Report “Internship” (3-5 units) **

Required Concentration Courses (11- 26 units) **

The list of required courses can be found in this curriculum guide listed under each of the MPH disciplines.  These requirements may change from year to year and are specific to the year of acceptance into the MPH program.

Electives (3-12 units) – approved by Faculty Advisor) **

* 909 Master’s Report “Internship” units can be taken from programs within the

    College of Public Health with course prefixes of HPS, EHS, EPID, BIOS, PHP, or PHPM.

** The number of units and prerequisite courses varies based on the MPH concentration.
      A minimum of 50% of credit hours must be unique to each degree and cannot be used for

      dual credit.




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