PhD Minor Program Overview


For MAS PhD Students
Talk with your advisor that your will be adding MAS as your minor and to add it to your plan of study.

For Students Outside of the Program
Students will need to choose a Core MAS Professor to be their minor advisor who will also serve as a Minor chair during the students' comprehensive exam. In order to meet MAS Professors and assess if the Professor will be a good fit to the primary degree, students will need to register in the MAS course the Professor is instructing and during/after the course reach out to the Professor and inquire if the Professor can agree to be their Minor advisor/chair.

After the Professor has agreed to become the advisor/minor chair, when filling out the "Comprehensive Exam Committee Appointment Form" on GradPath - enter the professor's name under Minor Chair.
*Please note that you will need to satisfy the minor requirements on top of your Primary Ph.D. degree

At least one supporting minor of nine (9) or more units is required for the Ph.D. degree program per the Graduate College's requirement. If a doctoral student chooses two supporting minor subjects, each minor must have at least six units of coursework.  


Students can choose to complete a minor with MAS or can choose to minor outside of the degree. If an MAS Doctorate Student will be choosing a minor outside of the department, the student will need to follow the requirements set forth by the department the minor is under.

MAS PhD Minor requires 12 units
Foundation: MAS 695A (3)
Core Courses:
MAS          Course based on student's specialization (3)
MAS          Course based on student's specialization (3)
MAS          Course based on student's specialization (3)

Recommended Courses for MAS Core Courses/Elective
MAS 505: Traditional Indian Medicine                           
MAS 575A: Education of Latinos
MAS 508: Mexican American Perspectives                   
MAS 585: Mexicana/Chicana Women's History
MAS 509: Mexican Immigration                                   
MAS 535: Mexican Tradition Medicine
MAS 510: Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health         
MAS 580A: Advanced Research Methods
MAS 525: Latino Health Disparities                               
MAS 560: Chicano Historiography
MAS 530: Latina/o Adolescence                                   
MAS 470: The Feminization of Migration - Global Perspectives 
MAS 565: Critical Race Theory

Check in with MAS Graduate Program Coordinator if you have any questions about courses being offered.