PhD Minor

Mexican American Studies

PhD Minor

MAJOR: Any PhD Major

MINOR: Supportive Area in Mexican American Studies – 12 units

The PhD Minor in Mexican American Studies consists of:

  1. 12 MAS graduate units, MAS 695A required and 9 additional units.
  2. An MAS Minor advisor who will participate in the Qualifying and Comprehensive Examinations.

*MAS minor advisor must be a tenure-track core faculty member in the MAS department.

Recommended courses for doctoral student:

MAS 695A (Fall) – Theoretical Foundations of Mexican American Studies.  REQUIRED

MAS 505 – Traditional Indian Medicines 

MAS 508 – Mexican American Cultural Perspectives

MAS 509 – Mexican Immigration

MAS 510 – Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health 

MAS 525 – Latino Health Disparities (not applicable if MAS 425 has been taken)

MAS 530 – Latina/o Adolescence

MAS 565 – Critical Race Theories

MAS 575A - Education of Latinos (not applicable if MAS 475A has been taken)

MAS 585 – Mexicana/Chicana Women’s History (not applicable if MAS 485 has been taken)

MAS 535 – Mexican Tradition Medicine

MAS 580A - Advanced Research Methods

MAS 560 – Chicano Historiography

MAS 570 – The Feminization of Migration: Global Perspectives