Things to know for a Travel Authorization

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Travel Authorization

Before booking a flight or traveling please make sure to submit a travel authorization with the exact dates and all destinations to be traveled to.  The form can be found on the Financial Services page (click under "T" and search for  “Travel Authorization Form”).

Travel Authorizations are NOT signed by the traveler. Only by the Department Head or Business Manager at the bottom of the form.

  • The only case in which the Travel Authorization requires signature from the traveler is in case of Travel Advances.
  • All travel advance requests must be submitted with a filled out Travel Authorization form no later than 2 weeks prior departure.  No travel advances will be issued with less than a two week notice under any circumstance. 
  • Remember that upon arrival you have two weeks to report back to the business center in order to create a Travel Expense Report.  Failure to do so will result in FSO automatically withdrawing the total amount of your advance from your bank account to which the advance was deposited.

The Traveler is responsible for his/her own Travel Authorizations, please do not assume the department will submit a travel authorization on your behalf.  Failure in submitting a Travel Authorization prior your trip may result in denial of a travel expense reimbursement.  In such case the Department is not held responsible for reimbursement.

All Travel Authorizations need to be submitted online for routing via Adobe Sign.  You can find the instructions at the bottom of the Travel Authorization Page

  • First Download the form to your computer, close the browser where the Travel Authorization was opened and instead open the travel authorization that you have saved in the file/folder where you saved it.
  • Fill out the Travel Authorization form.  Do not forget to write down the purpose, specify the type of research you will be doing or the name of the conference you will be attending.  Make sure you write down BOTH the city and state for your destination (or city and country if international).
  • Once filled out, save the form once again and select the "Adobe sign" logo at the bottom of the travel authorizations.  This will open up a link on a website asking you for username and password.  Please enter your university email as the username and before you can even enter a password the website will re-direct you to a university website where you must login thru your NetID and Password. 
  • Once signed in, you will have to route this form by adding the email of the Departmental Approvel ( and adding the email of the Fund Approver ( 
  • At the bottom of this same page you will see by a red asterix the subjet "Travel Authorization" and that you can add a file.  Please select "add a file", look for the travel authorization you have just saved and attach it.  Once everything is attached and the emails of the approvers selected you can hit "send".  This will electronically route your Travel Authorization. 
  • Please be aware No More paper Travel Authorizations will be accepted.

International Travel

ALL International Travel requires a minimum of 30 days notification. 

In addition to the Travel Authorization Form, you must register your trip through Terradotta at:

  • Upon finishing the registration on Terradotta you will receive an “International Travel Registry Number” that you will need to put the Travel Authorization form.
  • Please review the status of your International Travel on Terradotta.  It is the traveler's responsibility to make sure all information has been submitted correctly in the system including the “Additional Questionnaire”

If you are traveling to a foreign country please make sure to verify if the country is a travel warning country.  You can do so by visiting the following website:

If the destination is a travel warning country you must additionally submit a “Travel Supplemental Authorization Form for Travel Warning Areas” found at:

Thus for Travel Warning Areas you will submit a 1) Travel Authorization, 2) Supplemental Travel Authorization, 3) Terradotta registration including the “supplemental questionnaire” and  be sure to check the status of your travel paperwork.

Know your Airfare Limits, Per Diem and Hotel Allowance

Please be aware we cannot pay via P-card nor reimburse any additional travel commodities such as: Seat Selection Fee, Seat Upgrades, Business Class or First Class fees or travel plans.  Those are responsibilities of the traveler and are not reimbursed per FSO policy.

Hotels cannot be paid via P-Card.  Before booking you lodging make sure to know your maximum allowance for hotels.  You can find this by city (or county for those smaller cities) at:

If you will book a hotel at the site of a conference then you are allowed to go over the maximum lodging allowance BUT you must provide documentation that the conference was at the hotel you lodged.  Failture to adhere to Per diem allowances will result in partial reimbursement for lodging (reimbursement up to only the maximum allowed per diem).

If you do not book a hotel and will stay with family or friends, you cannot be paid a per diem amount.  In this case, actual physical receipts per each meal are required.

Per Diem is not allocated on the bases of the days of your travel but on the time of departure and arrival from your trip.  For example, if your travel starts at night you will only receive per diem for dinner and not for all 3 meals. 

Booking your flights

If you would like for the department to pay your airfare in advance instead of receiving a reimbursement we advise for you to go through Bon Voyage Travel.  Please contact Dawn Bigelow at (520) 520-825-2757 or via email at

Be aware that your flight will not be authorized unless a Travel Authorization has already been submitted to the Business Center.

Please be aware we cannot pay via P-card any additional travel commodities such as: Seat Selection Fee, Seat Upgrades, Business Class or First Class fees or Travel Plans.  Those are responsibilities of the traveler and are not reimbursed per FSO policy.  An acceptable expense is baggage check-in fees for international flights or for local flights IF you will be bringing additional materials to the conference/research trip.

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