Summer 2021 Undergrad Course Schedule

Official Schedule  and Active Course Catalog 



MAS 150B1- Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century

As we enter the third decade of the HIV/AIDS epidemic there is still no cure. This course examines the history of HIV/AIDS in the United States, its origins, and risk factors for transmission and acquisition. The course will also explore sexuality and drug use and its association with HIV disease. Health promotion programs targeted to various at-risk groups will also be discussed.





MAS 150B2- Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century

Course focuses on issues of social difference, self-identity, and social status as these are reflected in scholarship about social justice, and applied to social justice issues in the local, national, and international stages.  The course has two distinct foci: understanding different leadership styles and preparing to conduct original research to address social and economic inequalities.

Students will develop a plan for undertaking original research that addresses social or economic inequalities in either the local, national, or global context.  In doing so, students will develop informed opinions about social and economic inequalities that exist locally and across the world. Students will learn different and competing theoretical and ideological interpretations of inequality as they are depicted in scholarship, popular discourse, and in the media. Social justice research will be introduced as intellectual and analytical means to improve the quality of life of those who are less fortunate. The methodological approach to social justice research is "participatory action research," (See Borda and Rahman's Action and Knowledge: breaking the monopoly with participatory action research) in which individuals work collectively to study and address social and economic problems within their communities. Students will complete proposals for participatory action research projects and present them at a community forum.  Although the research proposal will be local, students will learn how these skills and practices can be applied to social justice issues around the world.


MAS  150C1 - Popular Culture, Media, and Latina/o Identities

This course provides a broad-based introduction to the growing interdisciplinary field of popular culture and media studies with an emphasis on the Latina/o experience. Students will explore current theoretical ideas and debates about popular culture and chart its growing importance in all aspects of life. It is a central course for students interested in the social sciences, as well as for students interested in cultural and media studies.





MAS  160A1 - American Indian Medicine and Wellness

This course is an overview of historic and contemporary ways that American Indians approach healing, illness and wellbeing. In traditional Native American healing, wellness and illness and result from conditions created by equilibrium/imbalance among individuals, kin, social order and the natural world. We will examine some shared values regarding health and illness (such as illness expressing an imbalance) as well as tribal specific methods of healing and American Indian traditional medicine. American Indian medicine will also be contextualized by social and historical processes that have impacted American Indian wellbeing.


MAS 317 - Latin American Immigration & the Re-Making of the U.S. 

Migration is currently re-shaping American cities, families, urban landscapes, rural areas, and altering the nation's racial and cultural make up. In response, societal attitudes shift and are re-imagined. This course examines the quasi-permanent presence of undocumented immigrants in the United States in an age of global movements, how this confounds established spatial orders that conventionally defined nationhood, and ensuing struggles for belonging and place within 'a nation of immigrants'.