Summer 2022 Undergrad Course Schedule

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MAS  160A1 - American Indian Medicine and Wellness

This course is an overview of historic and contemporary ways that American Indians approach healing, illness and wellbeing. In traditional Native American healing, wellness and illness and result from conditions created by equilibrium/imbalance among individuals, kin, social order and the natural world. We will examine some shared values regarding health and illness (such as illness expressing an imbalance) as well as tribal specific methods of healing and American Indian traditional medicine. American Indian medicine will also be contextualized by social and historical processes that have impacted American Indian wellbeing.


MAS 405 - Traditional Indian Medicine: Health, Healing and Well Being

Traditional Indian Medicine, or TIM, is a concept that refers to Indigenous knowledges expressed through the varied healing systems in Indigenous communities. This course will pay particular attention to American Indian nations and healing knowledges that are intersecting and intertwined relationships with the natural world, the Indigenous body and the sacred. We will examine both how Indigenous healing systems have persisted as well as responded to social conditions, such as genocide, colonization and historical, as well as contemporary, forms of oppression. Topics include intergenerational trauma as well as how resilience is expressed in practices of wellbeing, healing and self-determination. We will also explore TIM as containing systems of healing that may/may not operate in conjunction with allopathic medicine. This course takes a transdisciplinary approach, incorporating readings from American Indian/Indigenous studies and health to explore a complex portfolio of American Indian/Indigenous wellbeing.