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About Cathy Gastelum

Cathy Duarte Gastelum, Ph.D. received her Doctor of Philosophy in Mexican American Studies from the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on the structural inequities that Latinx students encounter throughout their educational career. Dra. Gastelum is a proud graduate of the formerly banned Raza Studies program at Pueblo High School in Tucson Unified School District. Her work experience includes working as a high school English teacher at her alma mater, a curriculum specialist at the University of Arizona, and Adjunct Faculty at Pima Community College. She has presented her research at several national academic conferences, such as National Association of Chicana/o Studies (NACCS) and American Education Research Association (AERA), and served as a Graduate Student Representative for the Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA).

Dra. Gastelum's work is rooted within her students and the community; therefore, she ensures her students have opportunities to voice their concerns and perspectives to provide an accurate representation of college life as a non-white* postsecondary student. She has presented alongside her students at the annual Raquel Rubio Goldsmith Lecture at Pima Community College where well-known Mexican American Studies scholars Rudy Acuña and Vicki Ruiz served as keynote speakers. Dra. Gastelum continues to build relationships with local school district administrators, teachers, and students to intentionally serve the needs of Latinx students. 

Awards & Service to the Profession

·Fundación Mexico Research Endowment Recipient, University of Arizona, Spring 2020

·UA Hispanic Serving Institution Student Servingness Spotlight, University of Arizona, February 2020

·15 Stars in the Tucson Community: La Estrella 15th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, La Estrella de Tucsón Newspaper, November 2019

·Consuelo I. Aguilar Scholarship, University of Arizona, Fall 2019

·Hispanic Alumni Scholarship, University of Arizona, 2019-2020

·Graduate Student Travel Award, University of Arizona College of Education, 2019-2020 & 2018-2019

·Proposal Reviewer, Critical Race Studies in Education Association, 2019-2020 & 2018-2019

·Research Grant, University of Arizona Department of Mexican American Studies, 2019-2020, 2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017 

·Graduate Student Representative to the Executive Board, Critical Race Studies in Education Association, 2018-2020

·Student Presenter Fellowship, National Association of Chicana/o Studies, Spring 2018

·Student Presenter Housing Subsidy, National Association of Chicana/o Studies, Spring 2018

·Rocky Mountain Foco Student Membership Beca, National Association of Chicana/o Studies, Spring 2018

·Selected participant of the Critical Educators in Social Justice Forum, American Educational Research Association, Spring 2018

·Graduate & Professional Student Council Travel Grant Reviewer, University of Arizona, 2017-2018

·Arthur & Rochelle Belfer Conference Travel Scholarship, The Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, June 2015

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Contact Information

Cathy Gastelum
Pima Community College Adjunct Faculty; PCC MEChA Co-Advisor


University of Arizona

Ph.D. Mexican American Studies; Minor: Educational Leadership

M.Ed. Secondary Education

B.A. English

Pima Community College

A.A. Liberal Arts

Dissertation Title

Examining Hispanic Student Experiences at a Hispanic Serving Institution

Courses Taught

University of Arizona

Winter 2019-Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century (MAS 150B1)*

Summer 2019-Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century (MAS 150B1)*

Spring 2019-American Indian Medicine and Wellness (MAS 160A1)**

Winter 2018-Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century (MAS 150B1)*

Fall 2018-Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century (MAS 150B1)**

Summer 2018-Pop Culture, Media, and Latinx Identity (MAS 150C1)*

Summer 2017-Culture, Community, & Identity (MAS 265)*


Pima Community College

Spring 2020-Introduction to Chicanx Studies (MAS 105)

Fall 2019-Introduction to Chicanx Studies (MAS 105)

Spring 2019-History of Mexican Americans in the Southwest (MAS 127)

Fall 2018-Introduction to Chicanx Studies (MAS 105)


*Instructor of record

**Lead Graduate Teaching Assistant