María José Mojardín López

About María José Mojardín López

PhD candidate in Mexican American Studies.

Born and raised in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. I have a BA in International Studies and a MS in North American Studies, and am part of the first Mexican American Studies PhD cohort. In my research I use race, biopolitics and social determinants of health as theoretical frameworks to explore the association between Arizona's anti-immigrant legislation and the presence of postpartum depressive symptoms among Mexican immigrant mothers living in Tucson. 

My Research Interests are:

  • Mexican Migration
  • Gender and Migration.
    • Mexican Immigrant Women
  • Health Disparities and migration
  • Use and access to health care services among immigrant populations
  • Self-care practices among immigrant populations
  • Mexican Immigrant Women and their Sexual and Reproductive Health
    • Use and access to sexual and reproductive health care services
  • Perinatal mood disorders
  • Gender, migration and sexual and reproductive health
  • Gender, migration and mental health
  • Postpartum Depression



Volunteer at Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition

Volunteer at Heartsounds

Office of Latin American Partnership Initiatives Research Programs for Undergraduate Students from Latin America

  • Winter Research Program 2016 (Students from Chile, Mexico and Peru)
  • Latin American Summer Research Program 2016 (Students from different countries in Latin America)
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Contact Information

María José Mojardín López
Graduate Teaching Associate - MAS 150 B "Sex & Aids in the 21st Century"
Telephone: (520) 626-0406
Office Hours: By appointment


BA in International Studies, from Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico, 2009. Thesis title "Mujeres Hispanas Migrantes en Phoenix, Arizona. Sus características y acceso a los servicios de cuidado prenatal"

MS in North American Studies, from Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico, 2012. Thesis title "Fighting against immigration status. Mexican immigrant women’s use of Sexual and Reproductive Health care services in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona


Courses Taught

Summer 2019 Session II Online - Instructor of  MAS 160A1 "American Indian Health and Wellness"

Summer 2018 Session II Online - Instructor of  MAS 160 A1 "American Indian Health and Wellness"

Spring 2018 Teaching Associate for MAS 160 A1 "American Indian Health and Wellness" Sections D & F

Fall 2017  Teaching Associate  for MAS 150 B1 "HIV AIDS in the 21st Century" Sections J & L