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Sophie is a Ph.D. candidate in Mexican American Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Her dissertation research fosuses on the denaturalization of anti-immigrant discourses about Mexican immigrant women and their children. She is interested in immigration in genetal and all its components but also, and perhaps even more, interested in mental well-being and what that implies. The politics of identity, belonging, and difference and their links to arts, media, rhetoric, and popular culture are also of particular interest to her. 

Sophie is justice-driven and believes that diversity is key to learning. She has a strong experience in public speaking and teaching. She has presented at international, national, and local conferences; led several workshops; facilitated several training sessions, taught classes in middle school, high scholl, and college. She has been a member of several committees with goals of providing underrepresented students with the tools and resources to access and succeed in higher education. 




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