Amigxs de MAS

Grupo Folklórico Miztontli 

Grupo Folklórico Miztontli, the first and only folklórico group on campus, is a student-run group that celebrates diversity at the University of Arizona and enriches multicultural understanding by teaching and promoting Mexican traditions and culture through folklórico dance awareness.  Miztontli represents and showcases what the Mexican culture has to offer for the fine arts as well as for the overall well-being and growth of a person through a network of mutual support and by providing a space that allows individuals to develop their leadership skills; public presentation and speaking skills; cultural awareness and understanding; discipline; and teamwork.  Within the group, we seek to provide fellowship among students and faculty and to represent students' needs and wants in regards to acquiring more information and knowledge about the Mexican culture, including but not limited to Mexican folklórico dance, music, history, language, and Mexican traditions. ​



"We are a multicultural, Latina-founded, community service and academic-based sorority that seeks to promote sisterhood and leadership while we assist one another in our pursuit of higher education. We want to help make Tucson a bright and welcoming community to all, and create memories and bonds that last a lifetime." -GAO