MAS Library

Mexican American Studies Library                       

César E. Chávez Building
Room 203


The Mexican American Studies (MAS) Department library is located in the department conference room (Chavez 203).

The library was made possible by a gift to the department by retired historian Oscar Martinez. The 500 books in this collection should serve MAS students and faculty for years to come, providing them a valuable intellectual resource for teaching, researching, and learning, and a window into some of the histories, research, thought, culture, and politics of Mexican Americans that have contributed to the discipline for over 40 years.

While many of the items in the MAS library are also available at the UA library, the MAS Department library will benefit Mexican American Studies Majors, Minors, and MAS faculty, MAS staff and current MECHA club members by providing them with a reference library that is easily accessible for browsing and borrowing. To borrow an item, please review the circulation guidelines specified below.

Circulation Guidelines

  1. MAS Department Faculty (including adjuncts, professors of practice, and visiting scholars)
  2. MAS Department Staff
  3. MAS graduates students, masters and PhD.
  4. MAS undergraduate students, majors and minors
  5. Current Member of MECHA who are in good standing

  1. Borrowing period is limited to two weeks
  2. Check out of books is available only during business hours through the main office front desk
  3. Sign out of materials is limited to three items at a time
  4. Fill out the sign-out sheet completely
  5. After two weeks, the materials can be checked out again, unless there is a pending hold noted on the sign-out sheet

  1. Please return all materials to the front desk on or before the due date
  2. Enter returned date in the sign-in sheet.

  1. For browsing or reading books without having to check them out, borrowers may use the conference room if it is available and not reserved.
  2. Do not mark in the books
  3. Care must be taken when copying pages out of a book to avoid damage to the book
  4. Damage to books due to neglect or material abuse may result in withdrawal of library privileges
  5. Failure to return the material(s) by due date may result in the withdrawal library privileges
  6. Loss of materials may result in withdrawal of library privileges
  7. Abuse of borrowing privileges may result in the loss of those privileges
  8. The Department reserves the right to modify these guidelines
  9. By borrowing books, borrowers acknowledge that they have read and accept these guidelines