MAS Congratulates David Cid!

Our department is very proud to announce that David Cid passed his dissertation defense in February and he will be graduating this May.

Dissertation title: Sowing the Seeds of Resistance: The Mexican American Struggle for Political Power, the Rise of the Young Barrio Intellectuals, and Police-State Violence in Los Angeles, 1939-1972

Committee: Dr. Roberto Rodriguez (chair), Dr. Lydia Otero, Dr. Maurice Magaña, Dr. Michelle Téllez

The dissertation culminates nearly two decades of participatory activism and social history research into the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles with emphasis on the political evolution and advocacy of the Mexican American community beginning in 1939. The dissertation also examines the roots and normalization of police brutality by the Los Angeles Times and elected officials, while demonstrating that the Mexican American community challenged systematic racist policing and practices since the early twentieth-century. Dr. Cid will continue to work in the discipline of Chicanx Studies and local community organizations. He is currently consulting for a documentary on the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles. 

"The completion of the dissertation signals my own renewed call to action in the community. The next step for me is to share my knowledge with a new generation of Chicana and Chicano activists who seek to transform their communities through proactive resistance against white supremacy and injustice. It is my intention to offer my knowledge as part of the discipline of Chicanx Studies and local community organizations. I am currently contributing consulting assistance to a documentary currently in production on the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles." 

Published Date: 

04/26/2022 - 12:53

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