MAS Public History Program

Nuestras Tierras, Nuestras Culturas, Nuestras Historias

The goal of the Public History and Cultural Studies Program is to reclaim, preserve, and document the experiences and contributions of the people of Mexican descent in the United States-Mexico border region. Grounded in community, we seek to build collaborative research projects that disseminate and expand our knowledge and appreciation of the region.

In Southern Arizona the histories of Mexicanos and Chicano/as have often been distorted or marginalized. The Department of Mexican American Studies' Public History Program, seeks to remedy the historical fallacies and inaccuracies that have resulted from the de-valuation of Mexican people and their culture and histories. We are committed to research projects that highlight the complex aspects of Mexican and Chicana/o history that portray and reinforce realistic perceptions of this community and its many contributions to the area’s development.

The department’s Public History Program relies on the community to share its information, resources, and intellectual wealth. We encourage community members to share their photographs, letters, documents, ephemera, iconographic material and other mementos with us. We have large aspirations for this project and would also appreciate financial contributions.

If you are interested, or would like more information, contact:

Professor Lydia Otero
(520) 621-8985

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