Dual Program Requirements

All graduate students in a Mexican American Studies program will be evaluated by MAS faculty and also by the Graduate College. The Graduate College has set minimum and essential requirements needed for the completion of graduate degrees which are embedded into the MAS M.S. degree requirements.

M.S. in MAS Degree Requirements

See the M.S. in MAS degree requirements.

MPH Degree Requirements

The College of Public Health sets the MPH degree requirements. For more information, please contact the MPH Program Coordinator, Tanya Nemec (tjnemec7@arizona.edu). The MAS department cannot provide advising or consultations for the Master's in Public Health. 

A Master's in Public Health requires a minimum of 42 units.

Course Work: 16 Units

  • Internship Preparation Workshop (required, non-credit; semester before internship begins)
  • Interprofessional Education Activities (documentation required, non-credit)

Internship: 3 - 6 units

  • *909 Master's Report "Internship"

Internship: 11 - 23 Units

  • Approved by department

Required Concentration Course: 11-23 units

  • List of required courses can be found in the curriculum guide listed under each of the MPH discipline. 

Electives 3-12 Units

  • Approved by Faculty Mentor